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DeCurret to Launch the First Service in Japan for Recharging Multiple E-money Accounts Using Virtual Currencies


DeCurret to Launch the  First Service in Japan for MultipleUsing Virtual Currencies

A New Yet Familiar and Convenient Way to Use Virtual Currencies

As the first step in developing services that use virtualfor non-virtual currency transactions, DeCurret Inc. (HQ: Tokyo, Chiyoda Ward: : Kazuhiro Tokita) has begun offering an “e-money recharging” service as a way of using virtual currency for non-speculative purposes today.

By offering a leveraged trading service and beginning to handle Ethereum, DeCurrent is to expand its virtual currency trading lineup.

Until now, users have needed to exchange virtual currency for legal currency (yen), which is then transferred to the user’s bank account for use. Now, however, a user can use his or her smartphone to exchange virtual currency for e-money*1, which can then be used for payment at stores.

Customers can recharge their e-money accounts using virtual currency simply by selecting the desired brand in the DeCurret app and entering a recharge amount. Usage can be customized based on the assets a customer holds as well. For example, customers can recharge their accounts using a combination of several virtual currencies.


Available Brands


With this service release, we are also starting to offer leveraged trading. The service includes various functions aimed at mitigating risk from market fluctuations, such as high-volume contract processing with our high-speed engine and automatic loss-cut system.

We have added Ethereum to the virtual currencies we handle, bringing the total number of virtual currencies that can be used in to five*2.


We are striving to virtual currency into something all people can use with ease. forward, we plan to add further value transfer to our existing payment services, and expand the exchange functions and services we offer


*1. For "Edy Gift ID" and "nanaco Gift," users must first apply for and receive a "Gift ID" using the corresponding service.
*2. Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple.


Service Overview

(1) E-money Recharging (using au WALLET)

E-money recharges/exchanges can be made with four easy steps. (Actual screens may differ.)

  • When a customer who has a Basic Account tries to recharge his/her virtual currency in the Wallet as e-money/exchanging them into e-money, the virtual currency will be exchanged into legal currency automatically. his/her e-money account or obtains a gift ID.
  • Funds in the virtual currency designated by the customer are converted into legal currency (yen) at our prescribed rate effective when the customer applied for the e-money charge/exchange, and the customer’s specified e-money brand account is then recharged.


(2) Leveraged Trading

With our leveraged trading, customers can trade up to four times’ the value of a security deposit.

  • To prevent excessive losses due to fluctuations in the market, loss cuts that settle all the customer’s open interests may be automatically triggered when the deposit maintenance rate of the customer's trade account reaches our prescribed level. Customers should therefore ensure they have a sufficient fund margin when trading.


(3) One-click Speed Ordering

  • “Speed ordering” is an ordering method in which customers can place new/settlement/SAR orders with a single click.


(4) New Night Mode

  • Users can select “day mode” or “night mode” as their preferred mode.


Day Mode

Night Mode

See for details.