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DeCurret Offers a Digital Coupon System for Aizuwakamatsu City's Nighttime Economy Policy, "HASHIGO SAKE (First-rate Barhopping)"


DeCurret Offers a Digital Coupon System for Aizuwakamatsu City's Nighttime Economy Policy, "HASHIGO SAKE (First-rate Barhopping)"

Digital Currency Platform Using Blockchain to Enhance Tourism and Visualize Digital Policies

DeCurret Inc. (HQ: Chiyoda-ward, Tokyo Japan; President & CEO: Kazuhiro Tokita, hereinafter “DeCurret”) announced that the digital coupon system for "HASHIGO SAKE (First-rate barhopping)", a tourism revitalization project launched on October 6 by the Aizuwakamatsu Nighttime Economy Promotion Council, has been applied to TIS Inc.'s (Chairman and President: Toru Kuwano) Smart City. In conjunction with the "ID Settlement Platform" *1, a payment service, the company has announced that it has provided the service that can be used on the "Aizu Wallet" *2, a regional wallet in Aizuwakamatsu city.


<"HASHIGO SAKE (First-rate barhopping)" Image of digital coupon offer>


The "HASHIGO SAKE (First-rate barhopping)" is a project to stimulate the nighttime economy in Aizuwakamatsu by offering hotel guests in the city the chance to enjoy Aizu's sake and local cuisine for 1,000 yen. This is a digital version of a conventional paper-based brochure with a coupon, which can be used on the "Aizu Wallet" app installed in smartphones. The "HASHIGO SAKE (First-rate barhopping)" allows users to search for maps of participating restaurants, check the congestion situation, and purchase and use coupons.


※1:TIS Inc.'s "ID Settlement Platform" is a platform that authenticates resident IDs and allows for "ID settlement" using resident IDs in conjunction with the data cooperation platform (city OS) in smart cities. In addition to private sector services, such as payment information, local mobility arrangements, and reservations at stores, clinics, etc., the system will work with a variety of public procedures to create a one-stop convenient society. For more information, please refer to the following URL.
※2:The "Aizu Wallet" is a smartphone application service that allows users to use user information, payment methods, and services that make their lives easier to use according to their own lifestyles, while at the same time providing local services to residents as well as visitors such as tourists and businesspeople. Digital services such as digital coupons, points, local currency, and local crowdfunding can be added in a highly flexible manner according to local needs and policies you want to promote.


<Screen image of the "Aizu Wallet">


■Overview of the digital coupon service, "HASHIGO SAKE (First-rate barhopping)"

The feature of the "HASHIGO SAKE (First-rate barhopping)" is that it can be accessed digitally from all over Japan via internet and coupons can be purchased and used before and during a trip. The digital coupons can be purchased on the "Aizu Wallet" and used at the restaurant with the confirmation of the staff, enabling a digital record of the use of the coupons and facilitating payment while avoiding contact. In addition, the participating stores do not need to install payment terminals and the system is designed to be easy to introduce and operate.


The "ID Settlement Platform" 's payment and behavioral data analysis functions can be used to return the results of the analysis to those who are responsible for implementing and participating stores, making it possible to visualize the effects of measures, improve plans, and develop store menus.


This time, DeCurret will connect its own blockchain-based digital currency issuance and management platform to TIS inc. 's "ID payment platform" to issue and manage the "HASHIGO SAKE (First-rate barhopping)" digital coupons for the "Aizu Wallet".

<Outline of Implementation>
Period Tuesday, October 6, 2020 - Monday, November 30, 2020
Participating stores "HASHIGO SAKE (First-rate barhopping)" participating stores (14 stores) *As of September 2020
How to use

Download "Aizu Wallet" from the iPhone’s AppStore and select "HASHIGO SAKE (First-rate barhopping)" from the list of available services in the app. You can purchase a coupon, search for a store map and view the service menu on the "HASHIGO SAKE (First-rate barhopping)" screen.

(Digital coupons are valid for two months of the above implementation period.)


■ Characteristics of DeCurret’s digital currency platform

The platform that issues and manages digital currencies on a blockchain, created by DeCurret, has a function that allows a user company to issue a digital currency under its own brand, and can implement processes using smart contracts. The platform also executes a series of transactional processes more efficiently to enable real-time exchange of money, even in small sums.

This way, it supports the offering of a wide range of services, including dynamic pricing and real-time settlement, which utilize the blockchain’s features.

 Through the commercialization of the digital currency platform, DeCurret plans to provide convenient services through digital currency, including the issuance and distribution exchange of local currencies, digital coupons and various other digital values, and value transfers to existing payment services.